Water parks


only 8 km away from us ....

11 thermal pools 2 NEW Caribbean, 8 yearlong, 3 covered

Summer City with many attractions FREE (Bubble city, Profi Jump, train Tralaláčik maze, Blue Lagoon ...)

Indoor tropical wellness The Pirates of the Caribbean, sauna world Tatra-Therm-Vital, Wellness Paradise

27 tubes and slides




Thermal Park Bešeňová - GINO paradise

only 15 minutes by car ....


What you'll find in Aquapark?

  • outdoor pools with geothermal water made available to the public in 1993, restored and refurbished in 2006 and 2007

  • It is now available 8 outdoor pools with geothermal water

  • geothermal water springs from a depth of 1987 meters with a temperature of 60.5 ° C

  • Water temperature 26-39 ° C

  • 2 swimming pools (large and small), 5 relaxation pools, 1 pool for non-swimmers incident

  • 7 pools are open year-round

  • Pools are suitable for all ages

  • in recreational pools are available various water attractions such as. underwater benches and chairs around the edge of pools, water jets, water mushroom, water bowl ...



Spa Lucky

Water park AquaCity


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