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SUMMER package

21.06.2024 - 01.09.2024

Stay with halfboard and daily ANIMATIONS + swimming pool included - Do not forget the beautiful garden with playground and ...


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01.09.2024 - 30.11.2024

Stay for three days with breakfast, barbecue and pool

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Terms are an integral part of the home order and contract between the operator and the customer.


  • 3M spol. Ltd., 41,031 Bodice 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, ID: 36441511, VAT number: SK202 215 0449

  • Customer: a natural or legal person who uses the services of the operator

Contractual relationship, personal data

  • An agreement between operators and customers on the use of services offered by operators

  • The operator then undertakes to provide services within the agreed scope, properly and at agreed prices.

  • Customer agrees to pay for the services agreed contract price on arrival, to comply with these Terms and conditions and House rules.

  • Reservation confirmation customer signifies his agreement with these General Terms and Conditions and house rules.

  • In case of violation of the General Conditions and house rules Customer Operator is entitled to deny the customer services, while customer loses the right to return the advance payment and shall pay the amount in advance for the agreed services (after deducting the advance payment).

  • The operator undertakes to comply with the Act no. 52/1998 on the protection of personal data in its current version.


Contract prices, reservation services and payment terms

  • Unless otherwise agreed, the agreed price to be paid by the client and the agreed hotel services arise from the current price list. Prices are dynamically generated based on, period of stay, hotel occupancy and the number of persons and the age and number of children. Price turn affects early or last minute shopping and length of stay.

  • The customer, however, is bound only by the price, which is listed on the booking confirmation or e-mail offer.

  • Prices include 20% VAT

  • In case of failure to pay the advance payment on the agreed date Operator is entitled to cancel the contract.

  • In case that there is a malfunction of the system for calculating prices Penzion Maria reserves the right to contact the customer and agree on the right price or the client has the right to cancel.

  • In case of low occupancy, the pension reserves the right to limit or cancel the service (wellness, breakfast, dinner ...), of course guests must be informed in advance. In this case, guests will be refunded for services not provided or provided with adequate compensation.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • The customer has the right to be provided with the services it ordered the agreed scope.

  • The customer has the right to cancel at any time using the services of withdrawal.

  • The customer is required for people under 18 years made for escorts or supervision while using the Services.

  • A foreign national is required to fill out a form at the reception of messages stay.

  • The customer is obliged not to act so as to endanger the health and property of other Customers or operator and to be otherwise restricted.

  • The customer is obliged to pay any damages caused to him.

  • Animals may only be brought only with the prior consent of the hotel and the fee stated in the price list. Animals must not be brought into rooms with food and drink. Animals should not be in the building unsupervised owners.


  • Found things are not being sent to customers. Stored in a hotel for three months. After this deadline the objects liquidity.


Reservation process:


  • Binding reservations must be confirmed by the guest house electronic form, which is a clear date, number of people, price ... etc. Reservation can be carried out with deposit and no deposit from accommodation (usually 30%). When binding reservation Operator has the right to invite the client to send personal data of particular importance for check-in.

  • The operator generally sends customers with the basic information about the pension electronically:

Check-in is between 02:00 PM -06:00 PM.

Check-out is until 10:00 AM

Dinner - 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Breakfast - 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

The bar is open until 10:00 PM

  • Upon arrival, the customer must present a valid ID card or other ID license.


  • On the basis of unannounced, late departure from the room, the guesthouse will charge up to 100% of full price of accommodation.

  • Late room check-out is possible only by agreement at the reception and is charged according to time:

    until 12:00 p.m. - 15 €

    until 2:00 p.m. - 35 €


  • The guest-house may, at the late arrival to the room 18:00 to 21:00 pm charge a fee of 15 euros / person.

Late check-in must be reported in advance, however, electronically or by telephone.

  • Reserved room without deposit will hold a rule to 18: 00 pm, unless agreed otherwise in advance.




  • 21 days before arrival we return advance payment. In case non refundable in 0 % returning.

  •  0 - 21 days before arrival we do not return any advance payment in each case




The hotel is not responsible for things that will bring guests to the hotel or to postpone it. The hotel also is not liable for damages and losses that happen in the hotel. Customer stay at the hotel also regulates the House rules of the hotel, which is binding for the hotel guests.

These terms and conditions and legal relations arising therefrom shall be governed by Slovak law.


Contract cancellation, withdrawal

  • The customer is entitled at any time from service agreements terminate. Withdrawal occurs on the date of delivery or notice of withdrawal. The customer is in this case, the Operator is obliged to pay a cancellation fee to be charged for cancellation or deducted from the deposit paid. The operator has the right to terminate the Contract and cancel the reservation without justification. In this case, the customer will receive the agreed services immediately and without delay a full refund. The customer has no more rights to compensation.

  • If the customer cancels part of residence during your stay, exhausted or services ordered, is not entitled to financial compensation for unused services.

  • The operator is entitled to cancel the contract if the customer violates the Terms and Conditions or the House rules. In this case the customer is not entitled to financial compensation for unused services.

  • Reserved rooms without a backup, in which the client is not accommodate later than 18.00. on arrival, can leave hotel to another client. This does not apply if it has been explicitly agreed upon later arrival

  • We reserve the right to cancel buffet meals for a small number of guests.

Return policy

  • Complaints are processed during a guest's stay. It is not possible to reclaim the accommodation service after the stay. If the guest's request is justified, he will be offered a discount for cash will be refunded in cash.


This "General conditions" are valid for the customers in:

Penzion Maria, Bodice 41, 03101 Liptovsky Mikulas

They are valid from 04.01.2016 and will enter into force at the moment of sending an electronic reservation.

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